Housing: Temporary ENG

Your best/cheapest option for temporary housing is to arrange something with family or friends. However, since this is not always the case, you may choose to access one of the following options. The university offers temporary housing at St. Paul’s college year round and Ron Eydt Village (REV) during the summer. Laurier has similar accommodations. You may also choose to room at a hotel or Bed and Breakfast. Another option is looking in the “Temporary Accommodations” section of Kijiji; often people who have gone on vacation sublet their room for the duration of their trip.

Room Rates at REV


Nightly: $50.75/person
Weekly: $228.00/person
Monthly: $600.00/person


Nightly: $35.50/person
Weekly: $169.50/person
Monthly: $360.00/person


Room Rates at St. Paul’s

One person in one room:
$85/night or $525/7 nights plus taxes

Two people in one room:
$95/night or $595/7 nights plus taxes


Room Rates at Laurier Conference Center & Other Residences

Single (Room & Semi-Private Bathroom)

Nightly: $45.00/person
Weekly: $210.00/person
Monthly: $420.00/person

2 Single Room & Semi-Private Bathroom

Nightly: $80
Weekly: $325
Monthly: $660.00

Double (2 Beds & Private Bathroom)

Nightly: $80
Weekly: $325


"Bed & Breakfast" and Hotels


Cost appx $70 - $150 per night

Housing: Temporary ENG