Shopping: General Tips ENG

Almost all stores offer “end-of-season” sales, offering great discounts on the previous season’s merchandise. Browse through the mall, or look through the flyers online, to find and make use of these sales.

Flyers are advertisement brochures that are sent through the mail, and with the newspaper to households. These advertise items that are on promotion for that particular week.

Haggling is generally considered a negative trait, especially at chain retail stores. However, you may be more successful with small boutiques or kiosks where you are speaking directly with the owner.

It is highly recommended that you purchase winter clothing such as jackets and boots in Canada. Not only because of the low temperatures that the area experiences during winter time, but also because the chemical salt used to melt the snow deteriorates many materials within one season. The purchase and use of a hat and gloves are also highly recommended during winter time.

Online shopping is generally fast, easy and safe in Canada as long as you are buying from large retail stores (Houseware & Electronic stores mentioned). Make sure to provide a proper delivery address. Beware of shipping costs and possible customs that may apply to your items.

Shopping: General Tips ENG