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Regardless of whether you plan on driving, obtaining a driver's lisence is a valuable piece of photo ID which can be used for official affairs such as opening bank accounts, as well as purchasing alcohol or tobacco, and entering premises that require proof of age (Clubs, Pubs, etc).

Ontario has a Graduated Licensing System for car and motorcycle drivers. Upon writing and passing a written test, you will be issued a G1 license (or Learner’s Permit), which will allow you to practise driving as long as an experienced driver with a G license is in the passenger’s seat. After a 12 month period, you are allowed to take the G2 road test. With a G2 license you are allowed to drive on any road, however there are certain restrictions the number of passengers and your blood alcohol level must be zero. After 12 months with the G2 license you can take the G road test, which is then termed a “full” license. The insurance for those who have their G lisence is lower, and the allowed blood alcohol concentration is 0.08%.

Those who have out-of-country driving experience may be eligible to waive the waiting times if they provide the necessary proof. Please note, if you have more than 24 months of experience and are applying for a G license directly, you will need to present written authentication from the originating licensing agency, or the Embassy, Consulate or High Commissioner’s office, as well as a translation. This proof must be shown when applying for the G1 test; if shown at any point afterwards, it will not have any effect and the holder must fulfill the waiting times. Aside from the Embassy in Ottawa, there is a High Commissioner at the KW Multicultural Center who can authenticate out-of-country driving experience if the original and official translations are brought presented.

The closest DriveTest Center is located at 1405 Ottawa St. N, Kitchener. The G1 can be obtained by "walk-in", whereas appointments must be made for the G2 and G examinations. Appointments can be booked online or by phone (see below for links).

Car Rentals

Those over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license (G2, G, or International Driver’s Permit in addition to the original and translation of the license from their country of residence) can rent a standard size car or smaller from a variety of locations in the Kitchener Waterloo region. Those over 25 can rent larger and/or luxury vehicles, and waive the “young driver’s” surcharge fee. Note, prices at greatly reduced for weekend bookings.

Ride Share

Those over the age of 23 holding a valid G license may choose to enrol in the Grand River CarShare program. For more information visit:


A cab or taxi is another option for travelling in the city, and quite ideal for after-hours situations.

Transportation: Car ENG