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Prior to purchasing your own means of communication, you may need to have a point of contact. To reach any UW extension or emergency services, you can use any campus phone. There is also a phone located beside the Turnkey desk at the SLC that you can use free of charge for local calls.

The Turnkey, FedExpress and almost all convinience stores will sell international calling cards. This may be a great way to reduce the costs, especially if combined with the free phone at the SLC. One of the most popular calling cards is CiCi, which offers rates of $0.06 to Tehran, and $0.13 for elsewhere in Iran. You can also purchase these cards online and have the PIN emailed to you.

Another cost effective means of communication is through the internet using software such as ooVoo, Skype, or Gtalk.

On campus and elsewhere, Bell payphones are $0.50 for local calls.

Cell Phones

There are three large mobility corporations is Canada: Rogers, Bell and Telus. Each of these corporations is also the owner of its “sister company” Fido, Virgin and Koodo respectively. Wind Mobility and Mobilicity are two new companies that offer “unlimited” plans, however they do not yet offer full coverage to the Kitchener Waterloo area.

The prepaid or Pay as You Go options have the customers charge their accounts with a certain amount of money, while calls and text messages are deducted from that amount; the prepaid option does not require a contract.

Please note that almost all phones that are purchased from a provider are locked to that particular company. In addition, phones from other continents operate on different frequencies, which may be why some phones that are purchased overseas do no operate in North America. Furthermore, aside from Rogers and Fido, the SIM cards in almost all phones from the other companies are inaccessible.

All companies have various promotions on their wireless plans, almost all of which include a discounted phone price ($0-$50) if you sign up for a two or three year contract. Sometimes these plans are subject to approval based on your credit score. Pay as You Go phones may also be offered at discounted price with the purchase of a SIM card.

The three large corporations offer special discounts to students (valid Student ID must be shown), and University Employees (valid Employee ID must be shown). Contact customer service centers for more information.


The two major companies that offer internet services are Rogers and Bell. Smaller companies such as TekSavvy are third party ISPs that lease lines from Rogers and Bell and offers higher downloading caps with similar download and upload speeds at a lower price.

Usually if you sign a 12 (or more) month contract, you are given an overall discount. Similarly, bundling two services from the same provider (internet and wireless for example), is also a popular promotion.

Many customer service representatives in these call centers are open to negotiating services or prices, especially if there has been a mistake or infraction on their part.

Communication: Cell Phones and Internet ENG