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There are many ways to become physically active at the University. You can sign up for intramural teams or classes at the beginning of the term at the Campus Recreation office. These classes include, but are not limited to, fitness classes, swimming classes, organized sports, the use of personal instructors and a variety of dance classes. Various day or weekend tournaments may also be organized throughout the term for which no (or little) prior sign up is required. Intramural teams (within the university) are a great way to make friends and stay active; there are usually different tiers for different skill levels.

In addition to these classes, you may also choose to use the university’s facilities on your own time. These facilities include: the CIF and PAC weight and cardio rooms, the PAC swimming pool, the CIF Ice Rink, the PAC Bouldering Room and Squash Courts, and a number of gyms. Remember however, some of these facilities (squash courts and gyms) require a first-come-first-serve booking, whereas the swimming pool and ice rink are only available to the general student population at specific times. Note, the swimming pool in most terms offers women-only or men-only allotted recreational times (and classes). In order to maximize participation, there are also allotted times (Pick-Up) for particular sports in the various gyms.

Another way to become involved is to attend Warrior Games (games between the University of Waterloo and other University teams). If you feel you would like to become competitively involved in sports, you may also choose to try out for one of these Varsity teams.




There are also a number of clubs that are affiliated with campus Rec. These include many of the Dance Clubs (Ball Room, Swing, etc), as well as unique fields such as archery, fencing or kendo. Another great resource is the UW Outers Club; they organize outdoor events such as hikes, overnight camping trips, canoeing, snowshoeing, etc. as well as allowing their members to rent equipment for such trips at a great price.



Entertainment: Sports and Recreation ENG